Givenchy Antigona Bags – A complete review

As all of us already know, fashion accessories from the house of Givenchy have been mesmerizing the fashion lovers since the last six decades. Talking of the accessories, the luxury bags from Givenchy has been the talk of the town as many Hollywood celebrities have been using them for quite some time.

Of the various types of bags that have come out of the House of Givenchy, Antigona is the series that has simply given bag lovers the ultimate satisfaction as they use it. After so much time after being released, while other brands of bags would have faced a dip in popularity Antigona is still going strong.

Size does matters and so does the matter

The Givenchy Antigona bags are available in many sizes, which in itself is a relief to bag lovers. Medium and large pouches; small, medium and large shopping tote bags; small and medium envelope clutches; mini small and medium Duffels are the various types and sizes of the bags that are available. The common materials being used for making of the bags are box calf, smooth calf, Patent Calf, rubberized canvas, sugar grained coat, coated canvas, crocodile, Nubuck, Ostrich, Elaphe, Anaconda and Python.

Mini and tote bags gallery

The mini Givenchy Antigonahas a dimension of 8.5”x8.5”x5 and is available in smooth calf leather, textured calf leather, Nubuck, Python and Ostrich materials. The small sized bag has a dimension of 11”x9.5”x5.5” and is available in box calf leather, grained goatskin, patent calf, python, Elaphe snake skin, Anaconda and crocodile materials. A medium Givenchy Antigona would have the dimensions of 13”x11”x7.5” and is available in a variety of materials. Rubberized canvas, smooth calf, box calf, grained goatskin, tricolor leather, grained leather, smooth calf skin with contrast stitching, mixed Elaphe snake skin and Python skin materials are the ones in which the medium sized bags are available.

The shopping tote bags of the Givenchy Antigona series are a favorite amongst many owing to the right dimension and the ease to carry the bags. The small tote bags are sized at 13”x11”x5.5” and the medium ones have a dimension of 13”x15.5”x7.5”.  While the small Totes are available in Rottweiler coated canvas, the medium ones are available in another material, the metallic goatskin. The large tote bags from the Givenchy Antigona series come in a variety of materials and dimensions of 21”x13”x7.5”. The materials and pattern in which large Totes are available are rubberized canvas, Madonna coated canvas, Magnolia coated canvas, Bambi or Rottweiler coated canvas, baby’s breathe coated canvas, striped and studded coated canvas and metallic goatskin.

The clutches will add to your fashion quotient

Another popular pick from the Givenchy Antigona series of luxury bags are the clutches. Available in three sizes, the small envelope clutch is sized at 9”x6”, the medium one at 12”x8.5”, while the raw edge envelope clutch has a dimension of 16”x8”x2”. The last one is available in Crocodile skin material while the medium sized clutch is available at Rubberized leather, grained goatskin, metallic goatskin, smooth embossed calf skin, and mixed snake skin. The small clutches are available only in metallic goatskin and crocodile skin materials.