After a long wait Formoline L112 came – A solid clinical research

The core of the Formoline L112 weight loss system is a daily weight loss supplement which the product website describes as a “lipid absorbent”, helping dieters by reducing excess weight, assisting with long term weight management, and lowering the total cholesterol intake of the body.

The idea behind the Formoline composition is that the active ingredients in the formula are able to absorb the fat content of a meal and render it indigestible by the body, allowing it to pass through the body without adding to existing fat deposits.

Formoline L112 reduces the absorption of fat, cholesterol and triglycerides taken with food.

The main ingredient in Formoline L112 is the ballast substance polyglucosamine (L112). It is entirely of natural origin and has the ability to associate with large amounts of fat taken during meals. Because of its high lipid-binding capacity, it reduces fat absorption directly from the intestinal tract. The main ingredient of Formoline L112 is not degraded in the body and thus, together with the associated fat, is discarded naturally. In addition, non-digestible and swollen ballast substances in the product cause a slight feeling of satiety.

Formoline L112 primarily affects overweight due to high-fat meals (fat, sausage, butter, cheese, chips, nuts, pastries or ice cream). Other nutrients such as, for example, sugars, carbohydrates, proteins or alcohol will not bind to Formoline L112. These calories should be reduced as otherwise they are completely available for absorption by the body.

Formoline also advocates healthy lifestyle choices in addition to supplementing the diet with their weight loss solution, a practice that takes a more realistic perspective on the fat burning process than other weight management products that promise dramatic results with little to no effort.

The makers of Formoline l112 im aktion present their solution as one that is able to magnify the effort undertaken by dieters to lose weight, streamlining the total weight loss process by reducing total dietary fat intake.

How does Formoline L112 work?

Let’s take a look at the ingredients to determine whether there is any scientific evidence to support their use as weight management agents:

The active ingredient of Formoline is listed on the product website as polyglucosamine, a dietary fibre. This ingredient is actually sourced from two different forms of glucosamine- D-glucosamine and N-acetyl-D glucosamine, both of which are sourced from the shells of crustaceans- so Formoline may not be suitable for individuals with a shellfish allergy.

More specific scientific evidence can be found in an investigation published in the Europe PMC medical journal, which assessed the efficacy of chitosan polyglucosamine- the same kind used in Formoline- in minimizing total body weight. The trial found that participants using the supplement lost 20% more weight than the control group, attesting to the effectiveness of polyglucosamine in lowering body weight.

The formoline concept knows how to prevent this. Formoline L112 with the unique active fiber from natural sources is also suitable for long-term use. Because of its very good compatibility, the slimming agent can therefore also be used to support weight control after weight loss. Thus, the well-being figure achieved is permanently retained. Thanks to formoline L112, small gourmet traps, which are particularly suitable for birthdays or barbecues, do not have the same effect.