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Prospective health care and medical professional and students with excellent grades who are in search for some of the best nursing schools in California State don’t have to look far because the Golden state have plenty of opportunities and top notch schools that can be an ideal start for your nursing career. Be it nursing, ultrasound technician schools, phlebotomy schools, medical billing and coding, California boasts some of the finest schools available in the US. Going with the facts and reports published by the National Institutes of Health and WHO, The University of California In San Francisco provides the best nursing education compared to even the top nursing schools in other countries like UK, Canada and Australia.

University of California is offering a wide range of education facilities for nursing students who are looking for advanced nursing practice degrees and graduate degrees such as Master of Science, Post Doctorate, Post Masters, and PhD Nursing Programs.

In case your aim is to become a license practical nurse and then look for a lucrative job as soon as possible to kick start your career then you will be easily able to find community colleges that are providing different short and long term certificate and diploma education programs.

Salary and Jobs Prospects For Nurses In California – Graduate students and Health care professionals from California based nursing schools will be easily able to find hot and lucrative job market because this state is going though severe nursing shortage period therefore there is a huge demand for skilled and qualified nurses and that helps in creating jobs opportunities for the students. California is also known for offering the highest salary scale for registered nurses and that attracts thousands of students every year to come here for admissions. Given below are some statistics related to salaries offered in this State.

  • Nursing Aide / Assistants – $31,500
  • Registered Nurses – $71,000
  • Nursing Instructor or Educator – $85,000
  • Licensed Practical or Vocational Nurses – $44,000

Nursing Licensure Requirements – To be legally able to practice nursing or related medical profession in California, you have to undergo and complete an approved and accredited nursing education program in your specialized field, either at one of the accredited and authorized California nursing schools or a military program. Aspiring students will also have to pass the National Council Licensing Examination for practical and registered nurses, which is the must have requirement to obtain your nursing licensure in this State.

Nursing Associations in California – There are popular and authorized nursing association in the State that maintains active ranches or you can say Chapters within California. Students can take benefits of using these nursing associations for their educational and professional help, support, networking, attending national and regional educational conferences which can be an added bonus for your nursing practice. Given below are some of these associations –

  • Association of California Nurse Leaders
  • California Nurses Association
  • California Association of Nurse Anesthetists
  • California Nurse Midwives Association
  • California Nursing Students Association

At the time of your admission in one of the nursing schools in California you should be aware of the fact that registered nurses such as nurse practitioners and clinical nurse specialists are provided the license by the Board of Registered Nursing and on the other side LPNs and LVNs are licensed by the Board of Vocational Nursing & Psychiatric Technicians.

You can also use given below nursing school finder tool and to use it all you have to do is to submit your Zip code and hit enter, and then it will provide you a list of the top nursing schools that will be close to your location. After that you can pick your preferred nursing school and submit your details to receive free admission related information and get started with your career in nursing.