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Alibi 26 Hair Salon of New York Franchise Review

Thousands of happy customers and their satisfying experience with Alibi Hair Salon in New York vprove extremely right to promote the common feeling of an excellent experience of having a trendy and fashionable hairstyle. At Alibi salon, you can be sure of getting excellent services and latest hair styling services of any kind you generally see in fashion week events, magazines or of walking models on the ramp. It is extremely rare and difficult to get a perfect haircut, hair curling, straightening, coloring and facial beauty treatments, but you can have that all at this salon located on the beautiful streets of New York City.

Other than hair cutting, coloring and general styling services, Alibi salon has a wide range of branded hair care products like colors, styling gels, conditioners, shampoos and several other facial beauty products as well.

hair salon in nyc

Even if you are an emerging hair stylist, opportunities in hair styling business with Alibi salon are amazing. We all know that hair salons industry in NYC is massive and it is never going to shut down in near future because the popularity and demand is simply huge.

Looking gorgeous, beautiful and attractive is always a strong desire of all the men and women; therefore helping these people to look great also creates a great business opportunity for hair salons like Alibi and many others in NYC.

Fashion and hairstyling is a massive industry and exclusive new hairstyles and hair care services are an intimate part of this business. These days anyone can notice increasing number of products available in the market for hair care, coloring and styling and to make the best use of them you have to use services of hair salons in New York, and our recommendation is to stick with Alibi as they are the best in the business at the moment.

The Best Nursing Schools In California – Most Comprehensive Information Resources

Prospective health care and medical professional and students with excellent grades who are in search for some of the best nursing schools in California State don’t have to look far because the Golden state have plenty of opportunities and top notch schools that can be an ideal start for your nursing career. Be it nursing, ultrasound technician schools, phlebotomy schools, medical billing and coding, California boasts some of the finest schools available in the US. Going with the facts and reports published by the National Institutes of Health and WHO, The University of California In San Francisco provides the best nursing education compared to even the top nursing schools in other countries like UK, Canada and Australia.

University of California is offering a wide range of education facilities for nursing students who are looking for advanced nursing practice degrees and graduate degrees such as Master of Science, Post Doctorate, Post Masters, and PhD Nursing Programs.

In case your aim is to become a license practical nurse and then look for a lucrative job as soon as possible to kick start your career then you will be easily able to find community colleges that are providing different short and long term certificate and diploma education programs.

Salary and Jobs Prospects For Nurses In California – Graduate students and Health care professionals from California based nursing schools will be easily able to find hot and lucrative job market because this state is going though severe nursing shortage period therefore there is a huge demand for skilled and qualified nurses and that helps in creating jobs opportunities for the students. California is also known for offering the highest salary scale for registered nurses and that attracts thousands of students every year to come here for admissions. Given below are some statistics related to salaries offered in this State.

  • Nursing Aide / Assistants – $31,500
  • Registered Nurses – $71,000
  • Nursing Instructor or Educator – $85,000
  • Licensed Practical or Vocational Nurses – $44,000

Nursing Licensure Requirements – To be legally able to practice nursing or related medical profession in California, you have to undergo and complete an approved and accredited nursing education program in your specialized field, either at one of the accredited and authorized California nursing schools or a military program. Aspiring students will also have to pass the National Council Licensing Examination for practical and registered nurses, which is the must have requirement to obtain your nursing licensure in this State.

Nursing Associations in California – There are popular and authorized nursing association in the State that maintains active ranches or you can say Chapters within California. Students can take benefits of using these nursing associations for their educational and professional help, support, networking, attending national and regional educational conferences which can be an added bonus for your nursing practice. Given below are some of these associations –

  • Association of California Nurse Leaders
  • California Nurses Association
  • California Association of Nurse Anesthetists
  • California Nurse Midwives Association
  • California Nursing Students Association

At the time of your admission in one of the nursing schools in California you should be aware of the fact that registered nurses such as nurse practitioners and clinical nurse specialists are provided the license by the Board of Registered Nursing and on the other side LPNs and LVNs are licensed by the Board of Vocational Nursing & Psychiatric Technicians.

You can also use given below nursing school finder tool and to use it all you have to do is to submit your Zip code and hit enter, and then it will provide you a list of the top nursing schools that will be close to your location. After that you can pick your preferred nursing school and submit your details to receive free admission related information and get started with your career in nursing.

Brother Printer MFC8510DN Review

When it come to buying a fast and cost effective all in one printer that can do the job just like expensive printers from big companies such as Canon and HP, the new Brother Printer MFC8510DN can be an ideal choice for you. It is rated one of the best printers to hit the market because the companies has done remarkable job over the years by enhancing their unique features and developing their printers according to the requirements of customers. Brother Printer MFC8510DN was first launched in the summer season this year and since then it has been a huge success for the company in terms of total number of printer they have sold. As we always recommend all our readers, the best place to buy this printer is to buy it online from trusted and reputed stores like Amazon.

Those who run their small businesses from their home or offices, for them Brother Printer MFC8510DN all in one printer can be a perfect selection because it is affordable, it works as a scanner, copier and as a fax machine as well.

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  • Printing speed is extremely fast.
  • Design and structure of the printer is very good.
  • It’s a compact printer, so it won’t require large space in your office.


  • It is not ink effective; therefore it will require you to chance the cartridges every now and then.
  • It may sound a bit expensive for those who can’t afford it and looking for cheaper alternatives.

One of the most incredible features that we personally liked about Brother Printer MFC8510DN is the overall printing speed. It can easily print 30-40 pages in less than a minute which quite outstanding compared to other printers from several companies. It is a fact that we all become so impatient whenever the printer takes more time than the usual. On the other side this printer also has the capacity to stock 300 papers therefore you don’t have to stock more papers again and again.

The other impressive aspect of this printer is that it is designed to be compact so that it will be perfect for those who have small office space. Because it is compact and small in size it is very light weight and that helps you to move it around quite easily if you are locating it to different place in your office.

Faxing and scanning with this printer is also not bad and the feature it has can match up to any other printer that comes under the same range. We recommend this printer to anyone who want a perfect printer for home or office use.

Metformin Side Effects – Learn About Allergic Reactions and Benefits

As referred to medical science description, Metformin can be categorized under biguanide class medication which functions as an oral medicine for the treatment of type 2 diabetes. Primarily its main function is to reduce the excessive amount of sugar level in blood and to increase the insulin resistance.

metforminMetformin refers to a medicine which is used in treating Type II diabetes sufferers for more than forty years. This medicine is capable of counteracting the underlying factors that trigger the symptoms of this disease. It is also developed in such a way that it protects you against the fatal complications associated with Type II diabetes. It works in enhancing your cellular insulin sensitivity, reducing the excessive production of glucose in your liver, promoting weight loss, inhibiting the excessive absorption of sugar in your intestines and reducing your risk of suffering from cardiovascular diseases.

Metformin actually works by significantly increasing muscle and fat cell or adipocyte insulin receptors. It also improves receptor attraction. It should also be noted that this drug is incapable of increasing the secretion of insulin. Its work specifically includes increasing your sensitivity to insulin. During the most recent studies conducted by the American Diabetes Association, it has been proven that the drug has the ability to significantly reduce the concentration of fasting plasma glucose in patients who are suffering from Type II diabetes and who are not dependent on insulin.


It is also important for you to note that Metformin contains glucophage which is capable of significantly reducing the release of sugar from your liver so expect to prevent an instant increase in your blood sugar levels if you are taking it. This also prevents your body from producing excessive amounts of insulin that can make you hungry and your liver from converting sugar to fat. This is the main reason why the drug is also considered by many as an effective solution to weight loss. Other benefits offered by Metformin are reducing the level of your hemoglobin A1c, decreasing your total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol and triglycerides, increasing your good cholesterol or HDL, reducing risks of miscarriages in women who are suffering from PCOS and improving the fertility of PCOS sufferers.

Metformin is also capable of providing benefits to those who have greater risks of developing cardiovascular diseases, cancer, infections, decreased immunity, nephropathies, retinopathies and endocrine problems. It should also be noted that the regular intake of the drug can help you in reducing your chances of suffering from atherosclerosis while reducing the pro-aging rate of cross linking collagen. It has the ability to lower density lipids, tissue plasminogen activator antigen and free fatty acids. The drug also works in reducing the growth of your tumor and in improving your cellular immunity to prevent any chronic infections.

Side effects of metformin – Despite the many benefits offered by Metformin, you should remember that it also comes with its own side effects. Among the most common Metformin side effects for both men and women are diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, indigestion, weakness, stomach or abdominal discomfort, gas, changes in taste, lightheadedness or dizziness, abnormal stools, loss of appetite, muscle pain, breathing difficulty, increased sweating, flushing, nail problems, flu-like symptoms including weakness, chills and fever, rapid heartbeat or heart palpitations and unusual drowsiness.

According to several medically tests and clinical researches, almost 10% of diabetes patients who take metformin may experience common side effects such as:

  • Abnormal and irregular stools
  • Abdominal Muscle Pain
  • Headache, Dizziness and Lightheadedness
  • Heart Palpitation
  • Difficulty In Breathing Normally
  • Nail Fungus & Other Related Conditions
  • Sudden Appetite Loss
  • Excessive Facial and Hands Sweating
  • Fever, Fatigue and Body Weakness
  • Asthenia
  • Hypoglycemia (Extremely Low Blood Sugar Level)
  • Excessive Lactic Acid Production
  • Hyperglycemia (High Level of Blood Sugar)

Allergic Reactions – You may also deal with allergic reactions after trying out the treatment and consuming metformin pills. These allergic reactions include itchiness, unexplained skin rashes, hives, tightness in your chest, unexplained swelling in your lips, tongue, mouth and face and problems in breathing or wheezing. It is also advisable for you to watch out for the most dangerous Metformin side effects so you will be able to deal with it right away. These dangerous side effects include hyperglycemia or high blood sugar, hypoglycemia or low blood sugar and lactic acidosis or the increase in the production of lactic acid. If you experience any of these side effects, then you have to contact your doctor right away so you will get the best possible treatment for it.

Klipsch Image S4 In-Ear Headphones Review: Truly Worthy of a Purchase

in-ear headphonesOverview: After reading a few Klipsch Image S4 in-ear headphones review articles, many still have one question in mind: would it really be wise to invest in such expensive auditory-enjoyment solutions? Indeed, no matter how impressive it seems, the Image S4 still makes the “common listener” doubt whether a pair of headphones should really be priced at roughly $80. Being a frequent user of headphones, it became a must to personally assess Klipsch’s offering firsthand. After all, the product might just be the “pair” that would finally prove that high-end headphones are truly worth the money.


Before jumping to the pros and cons of Klipsch’s popular product, it would be best to discuss the matter of specifications. The S4 is categorized as a “binaural”-type in-ear headphone. While such a term might end up confusing some people, it should be pointed out that it simply means that the headphones are supposed to be used for both ears. Aside from this technical detail, it would also be crucial to point out that the product boasts of “full-stereo” capabilities, which is important for both gaming immersion and music appreciation. Of course, just like other similarly-priced offerings, the S4 has a gold-plated 3.5mm plug.


Upon becoming aware of the main specifications of Klipsch’s “sound solution”, it would now be appropriate to expound upon its advertised features. A quick visit to the official website of the “Keepers of Sound” reveals that the Image S4 is designed specifically for long-term wear as it has both comfortable tips and angled nozzles. As also pointed out on the product’s page, Klipsch’s highly-praised offering supposedly shines in terms of producing rich sounds and superb bass effects while keeping the listener’s ears shielded from environmental noise. Indeed, this Klipsch Image S4 in-ear headphones review would reveal which of such features are true.

Pros and Cons

Advantages: As with any “headphone evaluation”, it would first be crucial to answer a most important question: is the sound quality superb? Despite having used the Klipsch product for only a short while, it already became clear that inexpensive headphones would never be able to compete with it. As a matter of fact, it would be considerably difficult to find a pair of headphones with roughly the same price tag that would be able to compete with Klipsch’s “masterpiece”. To put it simply, even those who rely on a 7.1 speaker system for the sake of experiencing “auditory pleasure” in front of their computer would find the S4 to be a better option.

While it is certainly important for a Klipsch Image S4 in-ear headphones review article to provide enough information about sound quality, one should never forget that a proper assessment also includes details pertaining to aesthetics. In this aspect, the S4 does not disappoint, albeit not necessarily being a “stand out”. Essentially, the headphones come in two color variants, black and white, and have a “minimalistic” design. This basically means that those who plan to wear the Image S4 outdoors, when jogging for example, would not have to worry about their headphones being even more noticeable than their outfit.

In addition to having the right “sounds and looks”, Klipsch’s top-notch offering also has the right price. Of course, many would be perplexed by this particular notion, especially since the S4 is commonly priced at around $80. Well, even after comparing the aforementioned headphones with those that cost more than a hundred dollars, it is obvious that Klipsch’s creation remains a better choice sound-wise. Specifically, upon listening with the Image S4 as well as with its more expensive counterparts, most people would agree that while the former does not have the loudest sounds, it does boast of the clearest “mids and highs”.

Disadvantages: Of course, this Klipsch Image S4 in-ear headphones review would also shed light on the issue of “downsides”. After all, no matter how remarkable the S4 might be, it still has a few noteworthy flaws that people should learn about before making a purchase. The first of such imperfections is all about the headphones’ durability. In particular, the S4’s wires seem to be a bit too thin for frequent use. However, you are going to have this issue with any other In-ear headphones from other brands as well, therefore it is not much of an issue. Given its not-so-affordable price tag, Klipsch’s offering should have been “equipped” with braided wire sleeves that would surely lengthen the “lifespan” of the entire product.

It has been discussed beforehand that the headphone is supposedly developed to be a perfectly-comfortable music-enjoyment solution. Truth be told, even Klipsch’s experience in the headphone market would not be enough to make an impossible task achievable: designing a product that has a “universal fit”. To explain, even though most individuals would agree that the S4 has a “barely there” feel, some would find its in-ear tips’ shape to be rather uncomfortable. With this in mind, it becomes clear that it would be ideal to purchase the product from a store that has a customer-oriented return policy.

Where to Buy

Since “shopping” has already been mentioned, it would only be appropriate for this Klipsch Image S4 in-ear headphones review to include answers on the question of “where to buy?” Well, most online retail giants, such as Amazon and Newegg, always have the abovementioned headphones in their catalog. As one might expect, the Image S4 is also commonly seen on listings-type websites such as eBay. Purchasing such magnificent headphones from brick-and-mortar shops is also an option. It should be emphasized though, that it would be best to keep an eye out for cheap knock-offs.

Final Verdict

To reiterate, not only does Klipsch’s top-notch offering feature excellent sound quality in terms of both clearness and richness, it also boasts of a design that would definitely “fit any outfit”. Aside from this, it is undeniable that even with an $80 price tag, the S4 would be best described as a low-cost, high-end “sound solution”. However, the headphones do have downsides in terms of durability and comfort. Nevertheless, the verdict of this Klipsch Image S4 in-ear headphones review is simple: even those who have always relied on inexpensive headphones would certainly find the S4 to be a worthy purchase.

Best In Ear Headphones – Great Sound Quality In a Small Package!

earphonesThe market of In Ear headphones have seen massive growth in last 3-4 years because there are several brands coming up with their new range of In-Ears with new features and at affordable price ranges as well. Generally they are known as IEMs, ear canal headphones and earbuds-headphones. These miniaturized or small sized headphones are specially crafted and designed to fit into the ear canal and seal it like normal earplugs to enhance the sound quality. Some of these in-ears may sound a lot better compared to traditional earbuds or headphones and they also work with popular music playback devices like iPhone, iPod, iPad, MP3 players and smart-phones from different companies.

Without any surprises the most popular and preferred category of headphones is the In-Ear headphones because of their sound isolating feature. Due to tremendous growth in the market of portable music players and devices like Ipod, they have become an integral part of the industry and because of that almost every company is willing to launch their in-ears.

Perfect for… In-ear headphones were first developed for athletes and people who like to jog or run while listening to their favorite music. Therefore in-ear headphones are perfect for running and working out. On the other side they are also used by professional studio musicians to monitor and create sound mixes because it helps them to prevent feedbacks from the stage monitors and to avoid audience’s noise.

Companies like Bose, Phonak and Monster have recently launched their new In-Ear headphones that can go deep into the ear canal and fit properly to provide best possible isolation, top quality sound while reducing the ambient noise. On the other hand companies like SkullCandy, Denon and Sony have developed their own range of In Ear headphones that can fit shallower into the ear canal but still good enough to completely block the ambient noise.

Benefits and Advantages Over Standard Headphones – Using In-ear headphones is the only way to ensure safe listening levels without having to increase the volume level because they help you to completely block the ambient noise or sound so that you are not forced to increase the volume in order to reduce the noisy ambient. Almost every other in-ears products from different companies are available in different sized and types of eartips, therefore it is always good to try different ones to be able to find the best ear-tip that works perfectly well for the size of your years. This particularly important because must have a tight eartip seal inside your ear canal to get best possible bass and sound quality.

Almost every other in-ear headphone is good enough and efficient to work with music playback devices such as MP3 player, Smartphone and iPod, which is the biggest benefit of buying it.

Why You Should Buy An In-Ear Headphone?

In-ear sound isolating headphones are extremely easy and convenient to use and they provide you with amazing audio clarity compared to what we get with standard earphones. Listening your favorite music with In-ears is a completely different experience compared to listening with speakers on high volume, because with In-ear the sound is directly funnlled right into the ear which helps in bringing out tiny details and clarity in the music that we don’t know existed.

Reviews of Best Rated In-Ear Headphones

Given the fact that there are hundreds of different companies with their unique range of In-Ear headphones, it makes it really difficult for the customers to buy the right one that fit into their requirement and budget. To solve this problem for you we have personally used some of the most popular in-ears so that we can write in-depth reviews of their features, functionalities, price range and different other factors as well.